Repairs and Servicing

Scooter Bro's are proud of our strong roots in Scooter Repairs and Servicing and our reviews speak for themselves.

You do not need to book in to drop your scooter off to us and we will generally work on any brand or make of scooter that we can get parts for. This is unique in this industry, with many stores only offering repairs and servicing on their own scooter brands and set to a schedule.

In general, provided we have parts most repairs will take within a week to be completed, with most being between 2-3 business days.


Our Servicing and Repairs pricing is below, for your reference.

Tyre/Tube Fitting (Rim/Off Scooter) $50 minimum
Tyre/Tube Fitting (On Scooter) $75 minimum
Cleaning Fee (Sealants/Other Grime) $50 minimum
General Service (Checklist) $75 minimum
Brake Check/Adjustment  $50 minimum
Single Brake Bleed $75 minimum
Full Brake Bleed $125
 Assessment(Mechanical/Electrical)  $50 minimum
Assessment (Insurance w/Letter) $100
Hourly Rate (15 minute blocks) $100
Parts/Consumables are not included.

    If you'd like to take advantage of this, just bring your scooter right in to us.